I’ve had the pleasure of climbing with Forrest Barker on both Shasta and Denali. His enthusiasm and passion for the mountains was evident the first time I spoke with Forrest. Initially, I was hesitant to add a team member to Denali I had not climbed with before and on short notice. However, his enthusiasm on the phone and his willingness to fly to California of short notice to do a pre Denali climb on Shasta with the team won me over. On both climbs, he proved himself to be not only be an extremely competent climber, but an invaluable team member as well. When he joined the team for Denali, he had many great ideas for details of the climd, such as how to set up our snow kitchen. He demonstrated these ideas on our climb of Shasta. On Denali, he spent a day and a half building the sweetest igloo Denali has ever seen. It turned out to be quite the social center while waiting out storms at camp 14,200. We even had an afternoon movie matinee in the igloo with eight climbers snug in there. When a team member was struggling on the fixed lines on the way to high camp on Denali, Forrest helped him safely descend back down to 14k camp. His spirit of teamwork and cooperation is essential for fun and safety in the mountains. His positive and cheerful attitude never waiver. I cannot recommend a better climbing partner.

Natasha Burroughs,