"I absolutely loved climbing with Peaks of Life. I did two difficult (for me) climbs: Mt Shuksan via the Fisher Chimneys, and Snowfield Peak. While the climbs were strenuous and covered a broad range of varied terrain including exposed scrambles and glacier crossings, I always felt that the Peaks of Life team emphasized safety and took care of me. They are a team of incredible mountaineers and mountain rescue professionals, and their experience shows through and through. I also felt that these climbs pushed my personal boundaries, and allowed me to gain experience and add to my personal mountaineering skills. The Snowfield Peak trip was a personal highlight for me – we chose this peak instead of Mt. Baker due to weather conditions. This is a hidden gem in the North Cascades which is difficult to get to, but of stunning beauty. I would have never discovered this on my own, had it not been for the incredible knowledge of the Peaks of Life team of the mountains, and for them taking me there.
Aside from the mountaineering aspect, I love climbing with Peaks of Life because of their mission. I have personal experience, as a mom, dealing with the great care provided at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and wish all children had access to these facilities. Being able to contribute to this great cause means a lot to me. As they say, it’s not just a peak. I look forward to other climbs with the team!"
Artemiza Woodgate - Snowfield Peak Summit, 2018,