Peaks of Life members are largely climbers, and much of what we spend our time doing revolves around climbing: we organize climbs and we put on mountain-themed events. We are grateful for our experiences in the mountains and the amazing people we meet along the way. Most of our posts are about our mountain experiences (check us out on Facebook and Instagram if you haven't seen our posts!), but our new blog is a way for us to share and express WHY we do these things. It’s not just because we love climbing (we do!), but because of our passion for healthcare and giving back to the children and families within our community. We want to highlight why Peaks of Life is about more than the mountains we climb. In our minds, there's so much more than the summit.

As a team devoted to raising money for Seattle Children's uncompensated care fund, the why behind Peaks of Life comes down to the children and families accessing quality care at Seattle Children's Hospital. We support the hospital's vision, which has been valid since its first year in 1907:

We will care for all children in our region, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

As Peaks of Life fulfills this vision through climbs and fundraising events, we believe it's also important to highlight the patients, families, and climbers who make all this possible! Thus, our blog "More Than A Summit" has been born as an effort to provide more information, outreach, and support for Seattle Children's Hospital and our invaluable members.

Our Vision for "More Than A Summit"

We will be posting monthly articles on the 15th of every month, highlighting patient stories, Peaks of Life updates, healthcare information, and self-care tips for our climbers and volunteers. We aim to serve our community and keep you updated with applicable, well-researched information. Some upcoming articles include:

  • A follow-up with Marissela's story. We first heard Marissela's story at our Peaks of Life Gala in 2017. We've connected with Marissela's mother, Kayla, to hear the full story of her daughter's journey with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Seattle Children's Hospital.
  • Seattle Children's uncompensated care fund. We think it's important for our climbers and donors to understand where our fundraising efforts are going. We will share information on the fund that allows children and families to access quality care, despite their ability to pay.
  • The birth of Peaks of Life. Forrest Barker has an inspiring story to share about why he started Peaks of Life and how it came to fruition.

We've also envisioned sharing other articles about preventing injuries, Peaks of Life's medical kit, training for a climb, and periodic updates on our fundraising events/climbs. We're stoked to have another outlet to reach out to our community!

About the Author

Kristen Connolly is a passionate Doctor of Physical Therapy, who thrives on sharing knowledge and impacting the world at large. She has worked in a variety of settings, focusing in orthopedics and pediatrics. When Kristen heard about Peaks of Life's "endeavor to help the children of the Northwest reach their full potential," she felt obligated to get involved. A kid at heart, Kristen finds joy in all aspects of life and is constantly seeking ways to challenge her creative and adventurous spirit! She is thrilled to take on the task of managing Peaks of Life's blog More Than A Summit!

Stay In Touch

Be sure to check out our updated calendar here for our upcoming events in 2018! It's going to be a BIG year. We can't wait to share our experiences and learn alongside our incredible community!

We welcome any suggestions, questions, or comments below.
Here's to Climbing For More Than A Summit!

Feature Photo Credit: Garrett Meyers (@gdmphoto)

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    This is Kristen Connolly, the author of the blog! I am really excited to be a part of this growth, and look forward to your input and suggestions. We are open to hear what kinds of articles we should post! Thank you all!

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