Climbing for More Than A Summit

The climbing season has been in full swing with Peaks of Life, and there's more to come! We are so grateful for the climbers who have joined us to climb for "More Than A Summit." As our tagline suggests, we may not always get to the summit of a mountain, but we always aim to raise money for uncompensated care for children and families receiving care at Seattle Children's.

The devoted individuals who join us on climbs pledge to raise a certain amount of money for each climb. We're lucky to meet people who are equally enthusiastic about climbing and our mission. The drive and passion behind our climbers has led to a growing support network in our community, and we're thankful for every donation received. Pushing physical limitations is often uncomfortable and challenges the psyche, so many climbers have expressed how our vision helps to keep them focused during climbs.

Our team at Peaks of Life is busy year-round, but this time of year is truly the peak of the action. We spend many months before the climbing season in preparation for mountaineering expeditions on prominent peaks throughout the Pacific Northwest. We work hard to recruit climbers who both meet the qualifications for each climb and are committed to the fundraising objective. As our network of supporters and climbers continues to grow, we are constantly amazed by the philanthropic community in the Pacific Northwest. Words could not begin to express how humbled we are by the kindness and generosity of those connected to our cause.

Every Friday in August, we plan to publish a trip report from our recent climbs, including: Mount Rainier (Kautz Glacier, Disappointment Cleaver, and Emmons Glacier), Mount Shuksan (Fisher Chimneys), Mount Olympus, and Mount Baker (coming soon!). In the meantime, please read the following brief summaries and highlights of our year so far, There's still more to come and we can't wait to share, but please ask any burning questions in our comment section.

Climbing Season 2018: A Brief Summary

Mount Adams: May 19-20

Elevation: 12,276 feet
Route climbed: South Climb
Summit Success: Yes!
Trip Snapshot: A successful summit despite "an initial dodgy weather report for the weekend." See the full trip report here, complements of Brett Banka!

Mount Rainier, Single Push: June 16

Elevation: 14,411 feet
Route climbed: Kautz Glacier
Summit Success: Not during this climb, but three members of the team headed back on July 22nd for a second chance and successfully summited in a single push.
Trip Snapshot: Due to varied weather conditions and timing, the team could not summit on July 16. Details on the Peaks of Life climb and later successful summit are underway!

Mount Rainier, Single Push: June 24

Elevation: 14,411 feet
Route climbed: Disappointment Cleaver
Summit Success: Yes!
Trip Snapshot: Forrest and Tuan headed up to summit Rainier as a two-man team in a successful one day push. A relatively uneventful, but highly successful climb.

Mount Shuksan: July 7-8

Elevation: 9,127 feet
Route climbed: Fisher Chimneys
Summit Success: Not this time, due to a rescue happening below the summit block.
Trip Snapshot: This route has it all -- glaciers, rock, scrambling, and snow travel. Time constraints did not allow for a successful summit, but the team was graced with beautiful views at camp and when the skies cleared on day two. Looking forward to sharing the write-up this coming Friday, August 3!

Mount Rainier: July 21-22

Elevation: 14,411 feet
Route climbed: Emmons Glacier
Summit Success: Yes!
Trip Snapshot: Our ALL WOMEN'S team (including Forrest Barker in a dress) persevered through "pain, dehydration, elation, more pain, sleeplessness, 5 minute cap naps, penitentes of death," says climber Anita Gray. Can't wait to hear the write-up for this trip report and be inspired by a team of women!

Mount Olympus: July 28-30

Elevation: 7,969 feet
Route climbed: Crystal Pass
Summit Success: Yes!
Trip Snapshot: With a long approach through the Hoh rainforest, the group camped two nights and summited Olympus in a three-day climb involving glaciers and rock. Can't wait to hear how the group entertained themselves during the long trek through the Hoh once everyone recovers from the long weekend!

Mount Baker, August 11-12

Elevation: 7,969 feet
Route climbeding: Coleman Deming Glaciers
Summit Success: Pending!
Trip Snapshot: Our team is currently in the fundraising stage. Please consider donating here to help our team reach their goal!

Peaks of Life Gala

Start spreading the news! As our climbing season is quickly coming to a close, we are gearing up for our annual gala to celebrate of our climbers and community of supporters! After climbing various mountains throughout the Pacific Northwest, we are getting excited to change our mountaineering boots for heels, eat a three-course meal, hunt for Sasquatch, and connect with our community. Don't forget to buy your tickets before prices increase on August 15th. We want to offer a special thanks to Jason Reynolds, the creative mind behind Rogue Photographer, for donating this incredible photo of Mount Rainier as our event's feature image.

We'd Love to Hear From You!

Your opinion is valuable for many reasons. We climb to build community, and our community is YOU! If you have any questions about information that has not yet been released (i.e. conditions of routes), or input for our organization, we'd love to hear from you. Please consider commenting regarding the following questions and thoughts:

  • What other peaks are you interested in climbing?
  • Are there any specific routes you'd like to climb?
  • Do you have specific questions about route conditions?
  • Do you plan to attend our gala on Friday, September 21?
  • What would you expect to see/learn/experience at the gala?
  • What would you like to learn about Peaks of Life?

Here's to Climbing for More Than A Summit!

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