Jason Deetz – Mt Baker Climb

»Jason Deetz

Unlike most people around me I'm rather new to mountaineering. I started in the spring of 2016. I'm a fashion photographer and as you can imagine it's a very competitive and stressful job. I work night and day and travel a fair amount.

Following a romantic breakup last year I suddenly wanted to live a little. My ex was very much into the outdoors so I decided to give it a try.

My first mountain was Adams. I remember sitting on a rock at six in the morning at the Lunch Counter (base camp) drinking my coffee and looking at the mountain, feeling the brisk mountain air, listening to the silence and … for the first time I felt grounded and part of the world instead of ever floating in the complexity above. I was at peace and … I was sold. Following Adams I summited nearly 20 peaks last year alone.

Oftentimes when I climb I think about people who can't - people who struggle with illness and disabilities and my heart sinks. I love Peaks of Life because of the people and the cause - I climb responsibly and I'm able to climb to help those who can't.

Please sponsor me and help me support this great cause!

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