Gunjan Sethi

I moved to WA at the end of 2012 and did not know how much I would feel at home out here. I grew up at the foothills of the Himalayas and have hiked pretty much all my life. I fell in love with the idea of climbing the volcanoes with a 2016 climb of Mt St Helens on Mother’s day. I went on to climb Mt Adams, Mt Baker and Mt Rainier in 2017. With these climbs, I helped raise $3000 dollars for Asha – an Indian NGO that invests in educating the girl child. The combination of climbing and charity is the best deal I have found, which helps me combine the thing I enjoy with the thing I believe in. Single day of Adams was the hardest thing I did in 2017. I would love to attempt a single day Ranier so that I have a goal I work hard for. I have two kids of my own – Arjun, 10 and Mayara, 8. A big part of the why I climb is for them and this year it will also be for kids at Seattle Children’s. I am very grateful and excited about this opportunity from Peak’s of Life.

Mt Rainier Kautz
Raised so far: $100.00

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