Forrest Barker

Born October 27, 1989 in Santa Fe, NM, Forrest grew up skiing the Rocky Mountains and climbing the basalt and sandstone cliffs that litter the southwest. In 2008 he moved to the Pacific Northwest, where glaciated volcanoes instantly drew his attention. It didn't take long for ski mountaineering in the cascades to consume most of the free weekends he had. Forrest completed a biology degree at the University of Washington and went on to do research in a Howard Hughes Medical Institute lab focused on how the brain coordinates hunger and metabolism. Forrest now works as a Medical Coordinator with Remote Medical International, and is in the process of applying to medical school. He has high hopes of soon being able to take care of the people and communities that have given him so much.

The concept behind Peaks of Life came to Forrest early in 2012. Frustrated with health care politics, and feeling that climbing was a slightly selfish pursuit, Forrest combined his passions. What was forged is an organization that will be enduring and successful in helping all children receive the highest quality of health care, and allow them to go on to live full and healthy lives.

Mt Rainier Kautz
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