Mt Rainier Women’s Climb

» Kristen Connolly

Hello everyone! In July 2016, I moved from New York to the Evergreen State, where I am in constant awe of the mountains and how they make me feel. Every chance I get, I push myself out of my comfort zone to explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and reach new heights (literally and figuratively!). I took my Wilderness First Responder course this year, with goals to join Search and Rescue missions and expand into the world of adaptive sports and climbing. This is MY first season of climbing, and I’m itching to reach summits and continue expanding my knowledge! I look forward to connecting more with the mountains and their power to inspire and teach me things I cannot learn indoors.
My passion for the mountains and the outdoors is mirrored by my love to give back. I have worked as a pediatric Doctor of Physical Therapy with children who have special needs for three years. In August 2017, I will return to Tanzania, Africa, for the second time to volunteer with a school for children with various disabilities. Seeing children progress toward their goals (and smile while doing so!) is rewarding beyond words, and I’m grateful to climb Mount Rainier with a purpose! I aim to impact the community of children with special needs in a new way, and joining forces with Peaks of Life sets my soul on fire. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause and raise money for the uncompensated care fund at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I truly believe no child should be left without quality health care.

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