August 19-20 Baker Climb

»Hannah Hanson

My family moved to the PNW from the Midwest when I was a young child. Growing up in Bellevue, Washington my family was not the outdoorsy type and I can’t recall my family taking me and my brother camping or doing anything outdoors related. As I got older, my thirst for the outdoors became undeniable and I started to hike every chance that I got! Within my first year of hiking regularly, I met a lot of like-minded people and ended up doing Mount St. Helens, Adams and Muir in a matter of months!

I am very grateful for the fulfillment the outdoors has given me, but am fully aware that my active lifestyle would not be possible without good standing health. I will be attempting a summit of Mount Baker in August of 2017 with Peaks of Life with the purpose of raising money for Seattle Children’s uncompensated care fund. 100% of these proceeds will go to children who are in need of medical assistance and otherwise would not have access to healthcare. Please consider donating today and help make a difference in a child’s life!

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