The 2018 Calendar: It's going to be an awesome season!

May 19-20 Mt Adams Climb

Washington's second highest peak is the perfect spot to train for a climb up Mt Rainier or Mt Baker. We will head up the normal route, which presents climbers with steep snow and lots of elevation but does not have the dangers of crevasses, rock fall, and seracs.

June 16 Mt Rainier Kautz Climb: Single push

There are many ways up Mt Rainier, but this has to be one of the best. The Kautz is a less traveled and more technical route. It is great for climbers who are proficient with glacier travel and looking to escape the crowds and take on a more challenging trip.

June 24 Mt Rainier DC Climb: Single push

This trip up the classic Disappointment Cleaver is for climbers who are familiar with the route, proficient in glacier travel and have an exceptional level of fitness. This climb will be done light and fast in a single push from car to car.

July 7-8 Mt Shuksan Fisher Chimneys

Without a doubt one of Washington's most beautiful mountains, Shuksan is also one of the most fun to climb. The Fischer Chimney route offers steep snow, serious glacier travel, rock scrambling, and the best views of the North Cascades!

July 21-22 Mt Rainier Women's Climb

This exclusively women's climb is one of our favorites! This year the ladies team will take on Rainier's second most popular route, the Emmons Glacier. While steeper and longer than the DC route, the Emmons Glacier offers climbers a straighter path to the top and the most spectacular perspective of just how big some of these glaciers are!

July 28-29 Mt Olympus

There are few places in the world where you get to see the ocean, walk through a rain forest, cross a glacier and go rock climbing over a single weekend trip. But that is exactly what you do when climbing Washington's glorious Mt. Olympus. This is a long journey and requires a very high level of fitness, however, the technical challenges are lower than Mt. Rainier or Mt Baker.

August 11-12 Mt Baker

We love Mt Baker in August! The glaciers are dramatic, the wildflowers cover heliotrope ridge, mountain goats watch climbers, and waterfalls are everywhere! At only 10,781' Baker offers all of the beauty of Rainier with less of the physical stress associated with altitude. On this climb, we will head up the classic Coleman Deming route over two days. Participants will need to be proficient in glacier travel and have a high level of fitness.

September 21 Peaks of Life Mountain Gala: The Cascades are Calling

Mark your calendar for our fourth annual Gala! Join us on a journey through the Cascades to support the Patients at Seattle Children's Hospital who are currently on their own expeditions towards health, happiness, and success. Tickets on sale now!